OutsourceMe Inc. Launches to Provide New Innovation in Digital Labor Outsourcing Industry


With many organizations struggling to grow in the current pandemic, a new way to outsource labor entered the tech industry. Canadian owned OutsourceMe Inc., a fledgling labor outsourcing firm, just recently launched with the goal of providing quality, on-demand digital transformation services to support companies looking for quick growth goals.

With multiple offices globally, the company recruits and hires digital talent globally to find the best web developers, application developers, and graphic artists in the world, and then subcontracts them out to companies for a single monthly fixed fee. Hiring a full-time developer through OutsourceMe saves companies an average of 60% on base salaries as compared to hiring workers with the same or fewer certifications in the Western hemisphere. Every contract includes an exclusive English-speaking Project Manager who serves as a single point of contact, facilitating communication between employer and developer.

“I’ve personally talked to many companies throughout the world who have very solid ideas and plans, but their roadblock is always with highly qualified, yet inexpensive tech labor. That pool is very competitive which in turn, drives up demand and labor costs. So, I wanted to help companies change the world and grow their businesses, and we found a proven solution,” states Mike Teofilo, CEO/Founder.

Savings jump to over 75% with the removal of human resources time and costs, such as health insurance and benefits that companies usually spend on full-time developers. If a company is accustomed to hiring freelancers to balance the cost of benefits, OutsourceMe still promises a better system—all employees hired through OutsourceMe work exclusively for the company who hires them during business hours specified by the employer for a more reliable work experience. Companies are responsible for zero overhead other than the fixed monthly fee of the package they choose; OutsourceMe provides all computers, generators, and servers so developers are ready to work on day one of hiring.

Not only is gear provided but vetting of certifications and training is all done through OutsourceMe itself so subcontractors are qualified and capable of beginning work immediately. With access to a wider pool of skills, companies can source any type of programming language as well as graphic artists. OutsourceMe also provides the flexibility for companies to scale up or down as they see fit to hire more or less help on projects as their needs evolve over time. To keep up with the fast pace of the digital world, OutsourceMe licenses communication and task management software to keep an efficient workflow: companies receive access to OutsourceMe’s task management application, allowing them to provide and create new tasks for developers in real time during their specified business hours. Packages range depending on a company’s needs and many even include 24 hour assistance.

To take the pressure off of trying the new service, there are no long-term contracts. While some terms apply, there is also a Risk-Free Guarantee that allows for a full refund within three working days if it’s discovered that the service and developers aren’t compatible with the company’s projects. OutsourceMe is changing the tech and outsourcing industry through its provision of high quality and low cost international subcontracting—free of language barriers and covered entirely in the cost of one monthly payment.

OutsourceMe is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information on OutsourceMe’s labor contracting services,
please visit OutsourceMe.com.

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